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The Wine Seller
at the Palace Hotel. . .

Wine Seller Exterior

Right next door to the Lobby
A great selection of fine wines and knowledgable staff to help you pick the right bottle for your special occasion.

Wine Racks

Wine Seller Staff

Store Interior

Wine Sampling Events
Featured sampling of fines from around the world happen at the Wine Seller throughout the year.

A Wonderful Store to Visit
With unique displays and interesting "bits" you could spend hours browsing for that great bottle of wine.

Wine Selection

Wine Nook

And There's Lots of Wines...

Wine Selection

The Wine Seller
at The Palace


Hillbottom Pie - At The Palace

   Lunch & Dinner

and More...


Cafe Sign

Cafe Front Cafe

Full Meals and Light Treats
Hearty soups and sweet desserts abound at the Hillbottom Pie.

Cafe Meal
Cafe Pies

Fresh roasted Coffee and Lattes
Double Tall, or short black, name your brew!.



Pastries and Croissants
Enjoy the baked goods in the ambience of the historic Palace Hotel and the Hillbottom Pie..




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