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Palace Hotel Room Photos - Listed by Number

       #1 - The Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest

       #2 - Captain Tibbal's Captain Tibbal's

       #3 - Marie's Suite Marie's Room

Marie's Room

       #4 - Miss Claire Miss Claire Miss Claire Bath

      #5 - Miss Cecilia Miss Cecilia's Bathroom

Miss Cecilia Bath

      #5A - Miss Colleen Miss Colleen

Miss Colleen Bath

      #6A - Miss Abigail Miss Abigail

Miss Abigail Kitchen

      #6B - Miss Laney Miss Laney

Miss Laney Bathroom

      #7 - Miss Alice Miss Alice

Miss alice Kitchenette Miss Alice Bath

      #7B - Miss Sara Miss Sara

      #8 - Miss Simone's Suite Miss Simone Suite

Miss Simone Bedroom

      #9 - Miss Lily's Suite Miss Lily Suite

Miss Lily Bedroom

Room 9 Kitchen Room 9 Dinette

      #9A - Miss Rose Miss Rose

Miss Rose Bathroom

      #10A - Miss Ruby Miss Ruby

Miss Ruby Bathroom

      #10B - Miss Mona
         (Detached Bath)
Miss Mona

Miss Mona Bathroom

      #11 - Miss Kitty Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty Bathroom

      #12 - Miss Lou Miss Lou

Miss Lou

      #14 - Miss Pearl Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

      #15 - Miss Genevieve iss Genevieve

Miss Genevieve Bathroom

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